Genome Informatics Research Seminar (2S)

392188 Stoye Summer 2018 Monday, 14-16 in U10-146 ekvv

Short Description

In this seminar, current research of the working group Genominformatik is reported.

(In dieser Veranstaltung wird in Vorträgen über aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe Genominformatik berichtet.)


Date Topic Name
09.04.2018 Organisation of the seminar Jens Stoye
16.04.2018 DiDy Mini-Workshop "Storage of and Search in Viral Quasispecies" Tizian Schulz
23.04.2018 (Jens and Linda away)
30.04.2018 (everybody on vacation or sick)
07.05.2018 (BREW)
14.05.2018 Graph Teams Daniel Doerr
21.05.2018 (Pfingsten)
22.05.2018 Student kickoff meetings everybody
28.05.2018 Identifying Maximal Perfect Haplotype Blocks Jens Stoye
04.06.2018 Algorithm for Finding Core Genomes Tina Zekiç
11.06.2018 Three small projects Hezha Hassan
25.06.2018 Update on Comparison of Gene Cluster Detection Methods Omar Castillo
09.07.2018 t.b.a. Pina Krell
16.07.2018 Alignment-free Phylogenomics Roland Wittler
23.07.2018 Dealing with Ambiguities in Subclonal Reconstructions Linda Sundermann
25.09.2018 Lyndon de Bruijn Graphs Matteo Costantini

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