Algorithms in Genome Research

392109/10 Stoye Winter 2022/23 Fr 9:00-10:30 and 10:30-12:00 in U10-146


This class covers the basic algorithmic techniques used in the computational analysis of genome and post-genome data. This includes algorithms for genomic mapping and assembly, methods for functional genome annotation (gene finding and gene function prediction), algorithms for the analysis of DNA microarrays and mass spectra, methods and models for protein structure prediction, and algorithms for comparative genomics.


The page AlgGRLiterature contains many links to the original literature.

Time table

Date Topic Exercises
04.11.2022 Introduction, logistics
11.11.2022 Physical mapping Exercises 1
18.11.2022 Genome assembly I Exercises 2
25.11.2022 Genome assembly II Exercises 3
02.12.2022 Sequence alignment Exercises 4
09.12.2022 Genome annotation Exercises 5
13.01.2023 Transcriptomics (RNA sequencing) Exercises 6
Winter break
13.01.2023 Proteomics, Metabolomics (analysis of mass spectra) Exercises 7
19.01.2023 Haplotype inference Exercises 8
20.01.2023 SNP-disease association mapping Exercises 9
27.01.2023 Computational pangenomics Exercises 10
08.02.2023 Computational metagenomics

Examination dates

Oral exams will be on 27 February 2023 or later. Please make an appointment with the secretary in U10-151, Heike Samuel.

A second oral exam can be taken in March 2023. Please contact Heike Samuel if you are interested.