Bioinformatics Journal Club (2S)

392172 Stoye Summer 2023 Monday 10:15-11:45 U10-155


We read and discuss current research articles from different fields in computational biology. The specific topics will be selected at the beginning of the semester.

To get credit points, students have to show proficiency in reading, discussing and presenting original research papers and other scientific literature.


To be discussed.


Date Topic Name
03.04.2023 Organization of the seminar Jens S
10.04.2023 – (Easter Monday) –
17.04.2023 Qiu and Kingsford: The effect of genome graph expressiveness on the discrepancy between genome graph distance and string set distance everyone
24.04.2023 Lunter: Haplotype matching in large cohorts using the Li and Stephens model, Sections 1 & 2 everyone
01.05.2023 – (May Day) –
08.05.2023 Lunter (cont'd), Section 3.1-3.2 everyone
15.05.2023 Lunter (cont'd), Section 3.3ff everyone
22.05.2023 Lunter (cont'd), Section 3.3ff everyone
29.05.2023 – (Whit Monday) –
05.06.2023 – (AGGI Day) –
12.06.2023 Shchur, Ziganurova and Durbin: Fast and scalable genome-wide inference of local tree topologies from large number of haplotypes based on tree consistent PBWT data structures everyone
19.06.2023 Zheng et al.: Translation Rate Prediction and Regulatory Motif Discovery with Multi-task Learning everyone