Bioinformatics Journal Pub (AG Genome Informatics)

Bioinformatics Journal Club

Winter Semester 2007/2008

Every Monday, 18.00 c.t., U10-146

Jens Stoye and Nils Hoffmann


  • Haplotyping (responsible: Paul Medvedev)
  • Clustering (responsible: Tobias Wittkop)
  • Non-coding RNAs (responsible: Stefanie Schirmer)

Time table:

15.10.07 Jens Stoye, Nils Hoffmann Preliminaries
22.10.07 Paul Medvedev Introduction to Haplotyping pdf
29.10.07 Graduate School Retreat No paper
05.11.07 Jose Amgarten Quitzau Finding Founder Sequences ps
12.11.07 Jens Stoye Inference of Haplotypes pdf
19.11.07 Martin Milanic Algorithms for haplotyping problems external pdf
external pdf
26.11.07 Tobias Wittkop An efficient algorithm for large scale detection of protein families pdf
03.12.07 Yoan Diekmann Spectral Clustering of Protein Sequences pdf
10.12.07 Nils Hoffmann Clustering by Passing Messages Between Data Points pdf
07.01.08 Stefanie Schirmer Non-coding RNA genes and the modern RNA world pdf
14.01.08 Peter Husemann RNA stem-loops: To be or not to be cleaved by RNAse III pdf
04.02.08 Wolfgang Gerlach GUUGLe: a utility for fast exact matching under RNA complementary rules including G-U base pairing. pdf